Please Choose Your Language

This is the Living Waters official policy with regard to tract translation outside of the United States:
  1. That the utmost of care is used during the translation process to maintain true to the original message. (Understanding that with various language structures that certain phrases would need to be altered because they are not understood in the same way that they would be in the English) We will even supply the PDF's for most of the tracts whenever possible.
  2. That any materials created would be given away FREE of charge for the purpose of education and evangelism. At no time should any charges be accompanied to these materials and the cost of creating the materials is solely in the hands of those who are willing to take on these projects.
  3. That LWP owns the copyright to our tracts and at any such time in the future that we ourselves are able to offer the very same tracts in those languages, we may ask you to cease your project immediately.
  4. That a copy of the original English that you translated from and a copy of the translation either in Word format or PDF format, with the language of the translation in the subject title must be emailed to