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We are currently trying to translate Way of the Master/Living Waters material into every language possible. We are starting with the tract "Why Christianity" and then going to progress from there. We want to make sure there is at least one Biblical Gospel message in every language.

Everyone involved in this project are volunteers (i.e. not paid workers). Our reward is in heaven!!! This is so that the glorious gospel is not hindered in any way and can be given in any language and so that Christians can be equipped to give the glorious gospel!!!!

If you would like to participate in translating or formatting then please sign up using the instructions below.

Signing up is vitally important for the translation co-ordination. Everyone who is involved needs to sign up and fill in the forms.

To do this please do the following......

  • 1. Download the forms below and read the Instructions Form first.
  • 2. Fill in the Application & Supplement Forms.
  • 3. Email or Fax completed forms to Judy Notchick at Living Waters.
  • 4. Await contact for translation instructions.

You MUST DO THIS in order to be properly “taken in” to the group of volunteers.

Whether you can translate or not, please pray for this project so that everyone in the world can get the Biblical Gospel in their own language, and for all the volunteers that God will give each one the necessary skills to do this for His glory!!!

Note to all previous applicants

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application and supplement. We have streamlined our process and new guidelines will be posted very soon. If your application did not list any professional training or experience, please be aware of our new guidelines and requirement for professional experience or training for all volunteer translators.

Until now we have accepted translations completed by those other than professionals. However, given our new guidelines, your application for future translation work would not be approved. If you have professional translation experience or training, and that was simply omitted from your
application, please feel free to reapply and list your training and or experience. We are in your debt for being willing to help and we trust you understand the need for these new guidelines.

We see this new guideline as a way to enhance our efforts to spread the Gospel. The previous format hindered our ability to complete translations in a timely manner. When multiple volunteer translators each provide differing translations the process is slowed dramatically as we attempt
to sort through the various options, opinions and translations; a difficult and time-consuming task at best, especially since we do not speak the language. Using only professionally experienced volunteer translators will help provide consistency in translations across all our resources.

Thanks, God Bless.

Download Forms Here

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